Myopia control lens

DISC Multi-ring defocus technology
The lens adopts multi-ring defocusing technology, slowing down the growth of eyeball axial length with the assistance of 18 multiple defocusing rings, helping to reduce the development of myopia.
MyoDisc structure
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DISC utilizes the principle of “Optical defocus” and adopts the “Multi-ring defocus” technology to transform hyperopic defocus into positive focus or myopic defocus, and has achieved the control of eyeball axial elongation, thereby controlling the growth of myopia.

After two years of clinical trials, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University selected 128 children aged 8 to 13 from more than 600 wearers for a two-year research. Studies have found that wearing “DISC multi-ring defocus” products can effectively slow down the progression of myopia by up to 60%.

Ultra-precise “nanostructures”, each lens contains 18 nano-structured defocus rings

  • Lenses molds are manufactured by ultra-precision processing technology.
  • Nanoscale Surface Smoothness.
  • Sub-micron contour accuracy.
  • Nanorings invisible to the human eye.
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