Spectacle Lens for Myopia Control

Myopia in children is getting more serious

More and more children worldwide have myopia, and the situation in Asia is more serious. In some countries, more than 80% of children have myopia.

Myopia has a profound impact on children’s daily lives. In addition to reducing learning performance, it will also affect future career choices. The worst case is more likely to cause serious eye diseases.

Although myopia is affected by many factors such as heredity and the living environment, it is indisputable that myopia is closely related to long-time close work, such as long hours reading.

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Essilor children's myopia control lens

is designed for myopia children

After more than 10 years of scientific research, Essilor developed a series of myopia control lens, Myopilux. It has been proven to effectively reduce children’s myopia progression, and are more effective than ordinary single vision lenses which only corrects far vision without helping to reduce eye strain on near vision.

Myopilux has two main types to meet the needs of different myopia children:

  • Myopilux Plus
  • Myopilux Max

Myopilux Plus

myopia control lens

  • Reduce myopia progression by 38%*
  • Balanced design allows eyes to adapt quickly.
  • The wide field of view not only helps to see clearly for far distance, but also works for close distance.
  • Designed to combine facial structure feature and ergonomic assessment, to coordinate children’s natural posture.
  • The use of advanced Essilor wavefront technology (Wave Technology) and digital polishing technology, effectively improve image clarity and lens accuracy.

*Gwiazda et al. (2004, IOVS, sample size: 469)

Myopilux Max

controls myopia more effectively

  • Myopilux Maxis a medical bifocal lens that has been proven to reduce the progression of myopia by 62% **.
  • Easy adaption. (When children can adapt quickly, they will continue to wear the glasses and make Myopilux Max really work.)
  • It can reduce lengthening of the eye axis, , thus reducing the risk of various eye diseases, such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration.

** Cheng et al. (2010 – Arch Ophthalmol, 2014 – Jama Ophthalmol, sample size: 135)

(Information provided by Essilor)