Progressive Lenses

We have heard some elderly said they worried about wearing progressive glasses as some of their friends have difficulty to get used to it and eventually gave up. In our experience, most of our clients are happy with their progressive glasses and it can improve their quality of life.
Progressive Lens 1d
For prescribing a comfortable progressive glasses which suits patient’s visual needs that involves a lot of specialized knowledge and procedures. These include the following aspects:


Suitable progressive lens design

Progressive lens has been invented for more than 50 years, and the lens design and manufacturing process have been continuously improved. The new generation of progressive lens makes people easier to adapt and with a wider field of clear vision.


Appropriate frame selection

A very small frame may not be suitable for a progressive glasses. Although nowadays some progressive lens with “short corridors” design can accommodate the far, intermediate, and near visual areas within a relatively small lens area. But each area will be comparatively narrower; therefore, it will also reduce the comfortable field of vision.


Consideration of individual vision needs:

Each people have different visual needs. Some people may need to work on computer and documents for a long time, but others may mainly need to focus on far distance visual task. There is progressive lens design with a wider intermediate-to-near field of vision which suitable for people with a lot of near work. On the contrary, some progressive lens with wider distant field of vision for people mainly with distant visual task.


Progressive lens design
can be tailor-made
to suit individual visual behaviors

Everyone has unique visual behaviors; advanced personalized progressive lens can be individually designed to optimize a patient’s field of vision. Individual fitting parameters can also be considered to the lens design which creates the most natural vision for the wearer.
In summary, prescribing progressive glasses involves a lot of professional knowledge and procedures. A comprehensive eye examination and precise dispensing procedures are necessary to make a pair of progressive glasses which provides natural and comfortable vision to the wearer.