EyeGiene® Starter System (1 mask & 14 pairs of Warming wafers)


– Eyegiene® Insta-warmth System contains 1 eye mask and 14 pairs of warming wafers. A 14 days supply with daily use.

– Natural Treatment for dry eyes, blespharitis and styes.

– Convenient easy and rapid treatment anytime and anywhere.

– Relieve eye fatigue after prolonged digital screen viewing.

    EyeGiene® treats Dry Eye by restoring the function of your Natural Tears

    1. The outer oily layer which is made up of a thin layer of oil produced by the meibomian glands.

    2. The middle aqueous layer which is made up of the watery portion of the tears, consists of many water-soluble proteins, electrolytes, etc. The aqueous layer is produced by main lacrimal gland and accessory lacrimal glands.

    3. The inner mucin layer produced by the goblet cells of the conjunctiva, keep the eye wet.

    You experience dry eye if the aqueous layer is unable to lubricate your eye surface or the oily layer is unable to keep the tears from evaporating so that they are unable to protect the surface of the eye.

    A study in 2012* reports that 86% dry eye patients evaluated had Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which is commonly characterized by the obstruction of the meibomian gland.

    The best treatment for dry eye is to treat the meibomian gland obstruction. The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™ is designed to stimulate your body’s natural tear oil flow through a proven gentle warmth applied on the eyelids.


    1. Prior to opening the warming unit pouch, adjust the strap so eye mask fits snugly and comfortably against your closed eyelids.

    2. Take the two warming units out of the sealed foil package and insert one into the right side of the eye mask and the other one into the left side of the eye mask. (The warming units may take 2 to 3 minutes to warm up, you may do other things while they are warming up.)

    3. Find a comfortable position and relax. Place the eye mask over both eyes with eyelids gently closed. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest that you wear the eye mask for at least 10 minutes.

    4. When finished, discard the warming units. The eye mask can be used multiple times and is hand washable.

    *Lemp MA et al. Distribution of aqueous-deficient and evaporative dry eye in a clinic-based patient cohort: a retrospective study. Cornea. 2012 May;31(5):472-8.