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nūretin® provides the right balance and dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA in a highly absorbable form to ensure that you are able to utilize the essential fatty acids for protecting your eyesight.

Omega-3s, specifically DHA, are essential to healthy retinal function:
Many clinical studies support that Omega-3s, especially DHA supports eye health and visual function. DHA is considered essential because it cannot be made or stored by the body, but rather only obtained through a food source or by dietary supplementation.

Ensures purity and safety with third-party testing:
nūretin is manufactured in Norway according to cGMP standards to ensure its purity and safety. These facilities are pharmaceutically certified, so you can rest assured that every batch and every bottle meets our rigorous standards for concentration and purity.

Features a proprietary molecular distillation process:
PRN’s molecular distillation process ensures a product of outstanding purity when compared to non–distilled Omega-3 products commonly found over-the-counter.

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    Why nūretin®

    – Our retina is a light-sensitive layer that lines at the back of your eye. Similar to the film in a camera, it is responsible for receiving and converting light energy to visual signals before the optic nerve carries them to the brain.

    The macula, located in the central portion of your retina, is responsible for your central vision and the ability to see fine details.

    The retina and macular regions of your eye can deteriorate because of age and other factors. It’s essential to include eye-supporting nutrients — like DHA and EPA into your diet to maintain your eye health.

    nūretin is a specially formulated dietary supplement developed by PRN that helps support eye health and macular function.

    nūretin contains DHA/EPA, the essential nutrients in the right form and dose that when consumed at certain levels, is associated with an almost 50% risk reduction in sight-threatening eye diseases.(1)

    nūretin are made using its highly refined, concentrated, and re-esterified form (rTG) which is the most bio-available form of Omega-3s.(2)

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    (Information provided by NUOVO BRIGHT LIMITED)