Spectacle lens for Myopia Control

Myopia in children is getting more serious
More and more children worldwide have myopia, and the situation in Asia is more serious. In some countries, more than 80% of children have myopia. Myopia has a profound impact on children’s daily lives. In addition to reducing learning performance, it will also affect future career choices. The worst case is more likely to cause serious eye diseases. Myopia progression in children should not be ignored, so as not to develop into high myopia.
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Innovative H.A.L.T (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) technology

H.A.L.T (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) technology

  1. Correct with the single vision lens surface
The single vision lens surface, carrying the prescription of the wearer, brings sharp vision by perfectly focusing light on the retina.
  1. Control myopia with the H.A.L.T. (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) technology
The constellation of 1,021 microlenses spread on 11 rings was designed to create for the first time a volume of signal that slows down the elongation of the eye. In children, whose eyes are still developing, this volume of signal allows to keep the eye elongation process in check.


Sharp Vision + Myopia Control + Invisible Design

100% Children have clear vision with Stellest lens 91% Children can rapidly get used to Stellest lens within 3 days 94% Children feel comfortable with Stellest lens (*2018-2019 One year clinical study results-111 myopic children)
(Information provided by Essilor)