An innovative high-tech product - 100% made in Switzerland

Our modular frame system ensures optimum vision and best wearing comfort – since it can be fitted individually!
  • Best Wearing Comfort
  • Smart Frame-System
  • Innovative Hightech
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Wearing Comfort

  • Our ultra-light frames are especially comfortable to wear. The very first time you put one on you will experience the «wow-effect» – Swissflex is just different!
  • Perfect fit, modular individuality and 100% made in Switzerland – these are our outstanding qualities.



  • Our modular frame system consists of over 15’000 parts, which can be assembled as particular frames and as well into individual collections – for far over one million different possibilities of combinations.
  • Our model systems offer an easy overview of the various options.
mido tischsteller v3.indd
Swissflex 3a


is different!

Worldwide about one in three people wear glasses and usually those are chosen only with regards to aspects of fashion, style and brand. Swissflex offers stylish eyewear and adds ‘unmatched wearing comfort’.


Swiss Made

  • The material, design and production of each frame is a 100% made in Switzerland.
  • Each individual frame element is precisely processed with 1/100mm accuracy and tested by hand – an innovative high-tech product!
Swissflex 5a
(Information provided by Swissflex)